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Update: Because of this incredible vision and the faithful support of people that have given to this worthy cause, the land in Haiti has been purchased. Now plans can be developed to begin building this brand new school for the wonderful children of Haiti. Thier lives be forever changed as Kidz Helping Kidz becomes a reality. Thank you for your generosity.

The Project:

In October of 2011, 12 year old Jarrett Johnson (above) visited the nation of Haiti for the first time. He was impacted deeply by the way the children there lived and struggled. While in Haiti, he visited many schools and was amazed by the distances children would travel by foot just to go to school. Even worse were the children in the villages that had no school anywhere near by. 
Upon returning, Jarrett had the idea to raise enough money to build a new school in an area that is in need. His goal is to ask other kids from America to help the kids of Haiti. The project has been called Kidz Helping Kidz. 
God’s Pit Crew is facilitating the Kidz Helping Kidz project. GPC has set up a special account for this project only. 100% of gifts given to the project go to project costs, no administration costs will come from your gift. Make any checks out to God’s Pit Crew with a memo of Kidz Helping Kidz. 
Our goal is to complete this project by the end of 2013. If we do not meet our fundraising goal, then we will continue to work until this school is finished. GPC director Randy Johnson will be going to Haiti at the end of February to look at the property. The school will be built on land owned by International Missions Outreach. IMO is a Haitian accredited organization that has been in Haiti for 35 years. In that time, they have accumulated 18 schools and are teaching 5,500 kids from prekindergarten through sixth grade. 

The Change for Change Challenge:

An important part of Jarrett’s vision is to have children from the US to help the Haitian children have a school. His idea to do so is to have children gather coins and loose change. He is encouraging classrooms, youth groups, sports teams, and any individual to just set up a jar to drop coins into. We hope that all of these children’s small contributions will add up to a great sum resulting in change in the lives of many in the nation of Haiti.

The Next Step: After collecting coins, send a check to God’s Pit Crew, 2499 North Main St., Danville, VA 24540 or bring the donation to that same address.  For any more information, contact GPC at 434.836.4472 or email

If kids want to connect with Jarrett himself, email or leave a message for him on the GPC Facebook page or the GPC Blog.
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