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Newnan, Georgia Response

By March 31, 2021No Comments

03/30/21: Our immediate response team has been hard at work in Newnan, Georgia, cutting fallen trees, moving debris, and tarping roofs. This town was devastated after an EF-4 tornado hit on March 25. God’s Pit Crew immediately got together a team of volunteers, who arrived on Sunday, March 28, to help bring hope to those who were impacted by this storm. Yesterday, Chris and our volunteers were able to carve a cross into the remains of a tree that was taken out and destroyed by the tornado.

The couple that lives in the home where the cross is told our team that the roof of their house was completed ripped off, and the only area that still had any remaining roof was over the room that they were taking shelter in! We give God thanks for protecting this couple, and this cross will be left as a reminder of His protection!!  Thank you to everyone who has prayed for the victims in Newnan, and for everyone who has donated. It’s because of your support that we are able to keep hope moving forward in times of crisis.