Current Needs

God’s Pit Crew continues $2.5 Million Capital Campaign for the completion of a new roof and 80x100 foot semi-truck garage.

Our Heart

God’s Pit Crew has been afforded an awesome privilege to own and operate an expanding fleet of trucks, trailers and equipment that we use to help remedy dire situations for hurting and hopeless people. We also own a 200,000 square-foot building on North Main Street that we call home. Without our donors, our people, facilities, tools, equipment, and fleet, God’s Pit Crew’s work would cease. Our qualified team has an enormous responsibility of maintaining the facility and the fleet that God has entrusted to us.

God’s Pit Crew’s ultimate goal is to continue to strengthen our infrastructure and expand our response territory to enable this ministry to increasingly grow and continue to pour out hope and help to hurting people for generations to come. Our building has been in desperate need of a new roof for awhile now, as the original roof has served this facility well over the last 60-plus years, but it is now failing. Our qualified team of staff and volunteers are also in desperate need of having a safe and workable space to maintain our large fleet of over 80 pieces of heavy equipment, trucks, trailers. Our goal is to save money so more resources
can be poured into the people that we serve. At present, we are using buckets during every rainfall to protect the people, machinery, and relief supplies that occupy our facility. We’re also having all fleet maintenance outsourced, because there isn’t an adequate space to do the work ourselves. This has resulted in huge annual expenses for God’s Pit Crew.

Our Reason


This year God’s Pit Crew’s facility has been a place of storage and protection for:
  • 74 tractor-trailer loads of relief supplies that have been delivered to disaster victims across the USA
  • 18,000+ completed Blessing Buckets that we have distributed to disaster victims across the USA
  • 1,300 Play Pails that have been distributed to children who have lost everything in a disaster
  • 1,300 Play Pails that are completed and ready to be distributed when needed
  • Over $500,000 in Blessing Bucket supplies that are ready to fill 27,000 empty Buckets worth $125,000
  • 2.4 million pounds of supplies that have been distributed to other nonprofit agencies (number will increase)
  • Four homes that have been framed inside our facility, three new mobile homes have been provided, and four homes renovated. Those homes have now been built/provided, furnished, and given to five disaster victim families at no cost to them.
  • Over 1,200 volunteers who are projected to exceed a combined total of 200,000 hours of service by the end of 2023
This year God’s Pit Crew’s fleet of trucks and equipment have:
  • Kept 27 volunteer truck drivers safe as they left their families and journeyed across the nation to help disaster victims
  • Logged nearly 190,000 miles to deliver hope, healing and restoration to hurting disaster victims during their time of need since October 2022
  • Moved mountains of destroyed homes, personal belongings, destroyed vehicles and damaged trees for over 200 victim families trying to recover after a disaster
  • Cut thousands of deadly trees threatening people’s lives and property after a disaster
  • Comforted weary and tired teams of Volunteers by having a shower trailer to recover after longs days of hard work and a place to do laundry while away from home
  • Delivered four complete houses and all of the furnishings to build sites for disaster victim home rebuilds

A new Truck Garage will maintain the safety and security of our #1 asset -- our people -- just as much as it will maintain our equipment!

Our Solution

In 2019, a piece of property adjacent to our facility became available. For decades, the North-mont Exxon thrived in the community as they offered fuel, vehicle maintenance, a wrecker service, and a junk yard. After the passing of the beloved owner Sonny Pierce, the property sat idle. God’s Pit Crew longed for this property because it was positioned perfectly to our existing headquarters and truck lot. When the opportunity became available to acquire the property, a leap of faith was taken and the purchase was officially made. After God’s Pit Crew took ownership, our team began working to fulfill the mission of renovating the existing service station building and to pave the lot that would finally remedy our staff, volunteer, and visitors parking dilemma.

Now it is time to step out in faith, once again, and begin work on a new roof, as well as a truck maintenance garage project. A site plan and rendering of the 80x100 foot Truck Maintenance and Fleet Shop has been completed. Roof proposal and quotes have also been obtained for the roof replacement project. The most recent quote for the project's completion is $1.1 million.

Our Progress

Updates taken place so far...
  • As of October 2023, GPC has raised approximately $1,165,882 toward the completion of the project. This capital campaign is ideal to make donations to memorialize a loved one. An anonymous donor gifted $225,000 in memory of his late wife to help get this project started. These funds enabled us to have a site plan and other preliminary work completed and now the building project has officially begun.
  • We have cleared and prepped the land, poured the foundation, and installed the steel framing of the future truck garage.
  • We have removed 28 outdated HVAC units on our facility’s roof to be recycled, and the new roofing installation is now taking place.
  • We are actively searching and applying for grants for the completion of these projects.
  • We are sharing with people about the need to strengthen our foundation so the ministry of God’s Pit Crew can carry on forever!



God birthed God’s Pit Crew in 1999 and He has enabled this ministry to grow, exponentially, since that time. The help and hope that you have helped provide to thousands of hurting people every year should never stop.

You now have an opportunity to sow into the strengthening and expansion that is taking place. Leave your legacy by securing multiple generations the gift of hope, healing and restoration and help a hurting and ever-changing world.


  • Checks payable to God’s Pit Crew sent to 2499 North Main Street, Danville, VA 24540
  • Credit Card donations can be securely processed by clicking the DONATE button below
  • Gifts of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds and mutual funds)
  • Charitable Trust giving
  • Planned estate giving to be designated to God’s Pit Crew
  • Memorial gifts to honor the memory of a loved one
(Your method of giving should be earmarked as Capital Campaign Project)