Blessing Buckets

What are Blessing Buckets?

A Blessing Bucket is a five-gallon bucket filled with essential items that are used by individuals every day. When received, these buckets help to enrich lives and become a small token of God’s love to a person in a time of crisis.

Where Do They Go?

God’s Pit Crew delivers tractor trailer loads of Blessing Buckets to some of the hardest hit areas after a natural disaster. Since January 2019, God’s Pit Crew has distributed over 15,000 Blessing Buckets to those in need.

Who Receives Them?

God’s Pit Crew distributes Blessing Buckets to individuals both domestically and internationally who are in need of essential supplies due to natural disaster, tragedy, or severe poverty.

What's in a Disaster Relief Blessing Bucket?


A Bible and a personal note to let the recipient know that someone is thinking of them.

Food Items

3 bottles of water, 2 cans of pop-top, ready-to-eat food, and 4 packs of nabs/crackers.

Personal Items

1 toothbrush (individually wrapped), 3 feminine products (individually wrapped), full-size toothpaste, full-size deodorant, 15–16 oz thin bottle of shampoo, soap (individually wrapped), comb (individually wrapped), full-size thin bath towel and 1 washcloth.

Miscellaneous Items

Flashlight with extra batteries, roll of toilet paper (individually wrapped), paper towel (individually wrapped), disinfectant wipes, alcohol or peroxide, hand sanitizer (travel size), tissue (purse packs), bandaids, and examining/cleaning gloves.

What's in an International Blessing Bucket?


A Bible and a devotional

Personal Items

Bar soap, shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes (individually wrapped), toothpaste, towels, washcloths, and blankets.

Miscellaneous Items

Jump rope, coloring book, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, pencil sharpener, composition journal, catch/play ball set, and a ruler.

What's in an Emergency Blessing Bucket?


A Bible

First-Aid Supplies

Various sized bandages, gauze sponges, abdominal pads, tourniquet, medical scissors, hydrogen peroxide and non-latex examining gloves.

Personal Items

Wet wipes, tissue, hand sanitizer, paper towels and toilet paper.

Miscellaneous Items

Flashlight, fast-acting sugar, trash bag, Bee spray (for self-defense), small cups, emergency checklist and instructions on how to stop a bleed.

Impact Story

Hope in Blue

Hours after devastating Hurricane Florence blasted the Carolina coast, God’s Pit Crew rolled into the area with Blessing Buckets and relief supplies. Thousands of Blessing Buckets were distributed throughout the coastal areas in response to requests for help. So many touched our hearts as we reached out to the hurting and there was story after story from storm survivors…

Phil and Phil'Us Bucket

Phil and Phil’Us are the official mascots of the Blessing Buckets. These fun-loving and wacky characters enjoy showing up wherever people are raising funds, collecting supplies, or just promoting Blessing Buckets in any way. Full of laughs, and wacky antics, these two bring a lot of excitement wherever they go, and they love to share about the wonderful benefits of Blessing Buckets.

Consider Having Phil and Phil’Us at your VBS, church event, outreach or gathering. They bring a world of fun and information about Blessing Buckets. Fill out a request form below.

Blessing Bucket Crew Team

Our need for Blessing Buckets never lessens and to keep up with the demand, we need your help. Did you know that for only $40.00 a month, you can give hope to someone in their darkest hour? Maybe you’ve wanted to help at a disaster site or go to a foreign country to deliver humanitarian aid? Most of us want to but can’t do these things because of time or financial constraints. However, when you become a Blessing Bucket Crew Member, you are there… in the form of a bucket… or water… or relief supplies! When someone opens a Blessing Bucket and feels the hope and love of Jesus, as a crew member, you make that happen!

By becoming a God’s Pit Crew Blessing Bucket Crew member, you get:

  • Personalized notification of when God’s Pit Crew deploys to a disaster site, sends Blessing Buckets, or sends humanitarian aid anywhere in the world.
  • A quarterly newsletter keeping you informed of the impact YOU are making!
  • A free welcome gift upon joining the club!
  • An annual report highlighting all that happened over the past year.
  • Opportunities to participate in “Crew Member Spotlights” on the God’s Pit Crew website, virtual Blessing Bucket committees, and volunteer projects.

Become a Crew Member Today!