Our Story

Our Background

In May of 1999, Randy and Terri Johnson were moved to action when they watched the horrifying reports of the devastation caused by the largest tornado in recorded history in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Wanting to help, but living halfway across the country in Virginia, they borrowed trucks and trailers to deliver three loads of supplies to those whose needs far outmatched their own. Little did they know when they began their journey that it was that trip to Oklahoma that would change the trajectory of their lives. In bringing hope to people in desperate need, they found their calling. Soon after, the non-profit disaster response organization known as God’s Pit Crew was born.

It is our continued desire to become one of the most effective disaster relief organizations in America so that we can continue responding as God leads to hurting people in times of major disaster — whether it be across the street or around the world.

Our Faith and Calling

Our calling is to bring hope, healing, and restoration to those in times of disaster. We are God’s Pit Crew. This is who we are.


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Become a God’s Pit Crew volunteer today and join us in providing hope to those in times of disaster all over the world.


Board of Directors

Meet the men and women charged with the oversight of not only God’s Pit Crew, but the allocation of it’s resources and the fulfillment of it’s mission.


Get Involved

We’re always looking for people to partner with us in providing hope to communities and families in times of crisis.