Building Projects

Building Hope One Structure at a Time

For over a decade, God’s Pit Crew has been taking on building projects in order to house and support those in desperate need. We’ve partnered with large corporations and communities to see houses built and facilities renovated because each life matters and we want to be God’s hands and feet to spread His hope.

  • We’ve built and furnished over 40 homes for wounded veterans, widows, natural disaster victims, children’s group homes, and many, many families in need.
  • We’ve had the privilege of renovating homes, schools, churches, children’s homes, playgrounds, and much more.

Upcoming Project

The Matthew 5:14 Project

In the early morning hours of Monday, April 13, the city of Cleveland was just one of many areas directly impacted by several tornadoes. Dozens of homes were destroyed, leaving these families homeless, with nothing left but piles of rubble. 

In May, GPC selected a family and told them we were going to build them a brand new home, free of charge. The couple’s daughter lived next door and had lost her home as well. After hearing the daughter’s testimony and learning that her husband was sick and in intensive care, Terri prayed with this woman and felt led by God to build the daughter and her family a brand new home as well.


Impact Story

Lara Family

“When the last thing your husband says to you is he was walking from the house watching the water rise up through the vents into the house, you don’t know what to expect later,” said Kimberly Lara. Kimberly, her husband Jose, and their two young children, lost everything after flood waters from Hurricane Florence destroyed their home…