Be the Blessing Sunday

What is be the blessing Sunday?

Your church will choose one Sunday every
year to collect monetary donations to support
the Blessing Bucket ministry of God’s Pit Crew.

Once your church commits to holding a
Be the Blessing Sunday, you will be sent
a promotional kit 6 weeks prior to your
scheduled Sunday. The kit is “turn-key” and
includes everything you need for success:
• A step-by-step program manual with a
• Brief promotional videos
• Scripts to read from the podium
• Reproducible flyers
• Bulletin inserts
• Sponsor cards with instructions
• A God’s Pit Crew coordinator as your
personal contact

Why should I hold a be the blessing Sunday?

During a crisis, this hope filled Blessing
Bucket is delivered at the hour of greatest
need. When a major disaster strikes,
everything is stripped away—often, not
even a toothbrush is left. That’s when a
God’s Pit Crew Blessing Bucket arrives. It’s
specially designed for an individual who
has been displaced from their home.

More Than A Bucket

It is more than a bucket. and your support
is more than a donation. By locking arms
as the body of Christ, we partner with God
to distribute life-sustaining supplies along
with the Holy Bible.
“It was more than just supplies, the feeling
of support, the Bible and note signed by all
of you, helped us know we were not alone
in our efforts. God was with us.”
-Ruby, Blessing Bucket Recipient,
Lake Charles, Louisiana