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DANVILLE, VA. (April 4, 2023) – God’s Pit Crew volunteers and staff are deploying across the country, providing hope and help for survivors of several tornado outbreaks. Our Immediate Response Team is deploying today, Tuesday, April 4th, to Adamsville, Tennessee after much of the town was destroyed in the massive tornado outbreak that ripped across the Midwest and South last weekend. Meantime, other team members are remaining in Winona, Mississippi, helping survivors of the deadly tornado that ravaged the state last month. We’re also sending tractor-trailer loads of supplies to aid tornado victims in Arkansas. At the same time, we’re finishing our work building, furnishing, and decorating a brand-new home for survivors of last summer’s catastrophic floods in Kentucky. The home reveal is tentatively scheduled for this coming Friday, April 7th.


Here is more detail about our various responses—

Our volunteers and staff are traveling today to Adamsville, Tennessee to help tornado victims. We will cut trees, tarp roofs, remove debris, and distribute emergency supplies, including our Blessing Buckets. A Blessing Bucket is a five-gallon bucket packed with non-perishable food, hygiene items, first-aid, a Bible, and a handwritten, encouraging note. We will remain in Adamsville through Saturday, April 8th, return home so our volunteers can spend Easter with their families, and then re-deploy to Adamsville from April 12th – April 22nd. Meantime, part of our Immediate Response Team is remaining in Winona, Mississippi, helping victims of a deadly tornado that ravaged the area on March 24th, causing catastrophic damage and loss of life.


Additionally, we’ve sent tractor-trailer loads of emergency supplies to help tornado victims in Arkansas and distributed Blessing Buckets there.


Our volunteers and staff have also been working in Letcher, Kentucky, rebuilding a home for the Smith family, who lost everything when massive floods swept through the region. God’s Pit Crew is rebuilding, furnishing, and decorating a new home for them in just two weeks, for free. 


We deployed to Letcher on Sunday, March 26th, to the rebuilding site to construct the home. The reveal is tentatively scheduled for this coming Friday, April 7th, depending on when power can be turned on at the house. Due to recent storms causing power outages in the area, the electric company is understandably focused on restoring electricity to those who lost it in the storms.


God’s Pit Crew spent several weeks in eastern Kentucky last August after devastating floods destroyed communities there. We cleared debris, mucked out homes, removed trees, and delivered emergency supplies and Blessing Buckets.


God’s Pit Crew President Randy Johnson says, “The recent tornado outbreaks across the country have been catastrophic and heartbreaking. We hurt for all those who have been impacted by these deadly storms and we are praying for them. We are so grateful to be able to deploy volunteers across the country and provide tractor-trailer loads of supplies and Blessing Buckets to help. Meantime, we’re excited to return to eastern Kentucky to build a new home for the Smith family. Our work would not be possible without our amazing volunteers and donors. Thank you to all who support God’s Pit Crew.”


God’s Pit Crew has served disaster victims across the country over the past several months. Our Immediate Response team has finished working in Pond, California, helping flood victims, mucking out and drying homes, and training volunteers there how to respond to flooding disasters. Earlier this year, we sent supplies and volunteers to Griffin, Georgia to help tornado victims and delivered a truckload of Blessing Buckets to Selma, Alabama following a deadly tornado there. Late last year, we deployed twice to Florida, helping victims of Hurricane Ian and rebuilding a home for a single mom after it was destroyed by the storm.