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Next Building Project

Our crew recently completed its 85th rebuild project after moving the
Williamson family in Rolling Fork, Mississippi into their brand-new home! If you’re interested in volunteering in our next project, please download a form below and click the “Events” tab above to view / sign up for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Additional Response Vehicle Sets

Our Response Vehicle sets consist of five tractor-trailers in each group. Additional Response Vehicle sets would allow us to bring more volunteers and supplies to the people who need assistance most.


Blessing Bucket Crew Team

Our need for Blessing Buckets never lessens and to keep up with the demand, we need your help! Did you know that for only $40 a month, you can give hope to someone in their darkest hour? Maybe you’ve wanted to help at a disaster site, or go to a foreign country to deliver humanitarian aid. Most of us want to do these things but aren’t able to due to time or financial constraints.

However, when you become a Blessing Bucket Crew Member, you are there… in the form of a bucket… or water… or relief supplies. When someone opens a Blessing Bucket and feels the hope and love of Jesus, as a Crew Member, you make that happen!

By becoming a God’s Pit Crew Blessing Bucket Crew member, you get:

  • Personalized notifications when God’s Pit Crew deploys to a disaster site, sends Blessing Buckets, or sends humanitarian aid anywhere in the world.
  • A quarterly newsletter keeping you informed of the impact YOU are making!
  • A free welcome gift upon joining the club!
  • An annual report highlighting all that happened over the past year.
  • Opportunities to participate in “Crew Member Spotlights” on the God’s Pit Crew website, virtual Blessing Bucket committees, and volunteer projects.

Become a Crew Member Today!