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82-year-old Veteran, George

By June 14, 2022June 16th, 2022No Comments

When God’s Pit Crew volunteers were assessing damages in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida, they came across a person in desperate need. 

A large tree had fallen on the home of George, an 82-year-old Veteran, who lived in Thibodaux, Louisiana. When God’s Pit Crew’s Volunteer Assessors found him, George was trying to remove this tree by himself with only a hand saw. 

George had no one to help him remove this massive tree, and it would have been impossible to remove with just one hand saw. God’s Pit Crew added this job to the list, and within no time, Hope had arrived! Volunteers worked to remove the tree off of George’s home, and another large tree on his property. 

God’s Pit Crew is able to help people like George who are in need after a natural disaster thanks to your prayers and financial support! Please consider helping us keep hope moving forward by visiting our website at to donate or to sign-up to become a volunteer!