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Blessing Bucket Homefront Heroes

By March 30, 2023No Comments

When we talk about thousands of Blessing Buckets being delivered, the focus IS and always SHOULD be on the person receiving the Blessing Bucket. Still, a silent, unsung group of volunteers goes to every disaster in the form of a Blessing Bucket. These home front heroes are the hundreds of volunteers who faithfully come to the God’s Pit Crew distribution center in Danville, Virginia, to prepare the products and assemble the Blessing Buckets. They are the ones that make it possible to place that hope-giving bucket into the hands of someone in need.

Volunteers spend hours bagging soap, rolling washcloths, and so much more so that the assembly line or mobile event products are ready to go. During our Hurricane Ian response, this small army came in early, left late, and gave extra volunteer hours to make it possible for God’s Pit Crew to respond in the record-breaking way they did. Because of our volunteers’ dedication to serving the needs of the hurting, we sent out over 10,000 Blessing Buckets in just over a week! There is NO WAY we could fulfill the mission God gave us without our precious volunteers!