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Blessing Bucket Homefront Heroes

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Blessing Buckets by the ten-thousands are delivered each year as a way to bring hope and healing to victims of disaster.  When unpacking a Blessing Bucket, you see so many items that will deeply benefit those who have lost everything they owned to a tornado, hurricane, flood, earthquake or any disaster – but what you don’t see are the loving hands that have spent countless hours packing those buckets with such care and whispers of prayer.

This group of unsung heroes frequently receive the first call when disaster strikes asking them to come to the Virginia-based warehouse and dedicate hours to packing thousands of Blessing Buckets so that survivors across the country will soon have much-needed resources in their hands.  Prior to disaster striking, though, these volunteers are at the God’s Pit Crew distribution center day-in and day-out helping prepare the Blessing Bucket contents so that when the time comes to quickly fill the buckets, everything is ready to go and the process runs smoothly.

God has blessed our ministry with dedicated and driven volunteers that make our mission of providing hope, healing, and restoration to people in their darkest times a reality.  These Blessing Bucket volunteers are at every disaster response around the world as a light of hope in the form of each Blessing Bucket.

Kristen Nichols, Rolling Fork, MS tornado survivor said…

“I can just tell that you did it with so much care, and with so much love in your heart.  I can tell that it was just prayed over and that everything that you put in there really mattered.  Receiving those was just such a blessing for us because it’s all essential things that we really needed.

I always say one of the things that people don’t realize after the storm is everybody wants to come in and say, ‘What do you need?’  But you really don’t realize that you need it until you get into the bathroom, and you don’t have a razor to shave your face… or you don’t have a towel to dry off on.  It’s just things that people have put thought into that we didn’t have the capacity to think about at the time.  It was really needed.   It was really necessary.  So, thank you to the people that packed those.”