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Blessing Bucket Mobile Packing Events

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In an effort to provide more hope and healing to survivors of disaster around the world, God’s Pit Crew’s Blessing Bucket assembly lines have taken to the roads!  Mobile Blessing Bucket Packing events have allowed us to not only pack thousands more Blessing Buckets with much-needed relief supplies, but have also allowed more people to BE THE BLESSING by participating in the exciting, worship-filled packing events in their own neighborhoods!

Along with the specially designed assembly lines and tractor-trailer loads full of supplies, in 2023 our volunteer team has traveled throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Virginia to host various Mobile Packing Events.  These assemblies allowed for an additional 6,000+ Blessing Buckets to be made available for disaster response!

By hosting Mobile Packing Events with several of our trusted ministry partners, God’s Pit Crew has been able to increase the amount of Blessing Buckets that can be used when disaster strikes as well as store the life-sustaining buckets in different parts of the world so that they are close by in times of need.  And thanks to God’s Pit Crew’s wonderful partnership with Joyce Meyer Ministries Hand of Hope, many of the mentioned mobile packing events were fully funded and sponsored, allowing different communities to experience this blessing-filled experience.

The Mobile Packing Event in Moffett, Oklahoma, was also a very special commemorative event between God’s Pit Crew and Moffett School, as the two organizations have a storied past together. In May 2019, the small town of Moffett, Oklahoma, experienced a devastating flood, impacting every house and structure in the town.  Moffett School, which serves students from Pre-K through eighth grade, sustained major damage during the flood.

After talking with pastors, and many residents throughout the small town, there was one consistent request: “Please help rebuild our school.”  God’s Pit Crew committed by faith to return to Moffett that August to begin rebuilding the school.  The project was fully complete just three weeks after our ministry had set out to restore the school.

As a way to give back to God’s Pit Crew, Moffett School spent several months this year holding community and school-wide fundraisers in order to raise enough funds to pack over 1,000 Blessing Buckets right there at the school — the same place that once was deemed disaster-stricken and unrepairable.

Not everyone has the ability to go to a disaster location and volunteer, but through the Mobile Packing Events God’s Pit Crew has found a way for everyone to still lend a helping hand!  If you are interested in hosting a Mobile Blessing Bucket Packing event in your community, send your request to [email protected].