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Tornado Response – Clarksville, Tennessee

By January 11, 2024No Comments

A disaster at any time is devastating for families, but right before Christmas makes it even worse, especially on the little ones in the family.  A destructive EF-3 tornado cut an 11.3-mile, 600-yard-wide path through Tennessee just weeks before Christmas day, claiming multiple lives and stealing the joy and hope in so many hearts in what is usually one of the merriest times of year.

The team at God’s Pit Crew had it on our hearts to try to quickly return some small sense of holiday normalcy to these families and, thank God, with the generous support of one of our generous donors we were blessed to do just that for some of the children impacted by the catastrophic tornado.

A tractor-trailer loaded with 24 pallets of toys was ordered and travelled to Trenton Crossing Church in Clarksville, Tennessee!  Then, God’s Pit Crew staff, volunteers, church members, and community volunteers distributed the toys and provided Christmas meals for many of the affected families.

One of the families said it best at the toy drive: “It’s a life changer; it’s good that people come out to help others.”