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DANVILLE, VA. (April 18, 2024) – The mission of the Virginia-based non-profit God’s Pit Crew is to deliver hope, healing, and restoration to hurting people in times of disaster, and the ministry has done just that in Mississippi.  The crew recently redeployed to the small town of Rolling Fork to build a new home for a family that has been busy helping others reconstruct their lives since a deadly tornado ripped through their town in March 2023.

A team of God’s Pit Crew staff and volunteers left headquarters in Danville, Virginia on Tuesday, April 2, and traveled to Mississippi with all the materials needed to rebuild and fully-furnish a new home for the Williamson family.  On the morning of April 15, 2024 – just a little over a year since the devastating tornado – the ministry welcomed the Williamson family into their brand-new home.

Following the tornado outbreak on March 24, 2023, Pastor Britt Williamson and other community members founded Rolling Fork Rising, a non-profit organization that builds affordable homes for former renters to purchase since many renters were stranded after the storm.  However, several months later, Pastor Williamson and his family were facing the same issue as many others: their house was no longer livable due to extreme amounts of mold.

“The parsonage was condemned and everything we owned we had to leave behind,” told Williamson.  “God’s Pit Crew contacted us last year and said they wanted to build us a new home, and we couldn’t believe it.  It didn’t seem real.”

This rebuild project was the third to take place in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, and is the first home rebuild of the year by God’s Pit Crew as they commemorate 25 years of service in 2024.  God’s Pit Crew has constructed and supplied 85 major rebuild projects since its inception – including homes, schools, churches, and more.  All rebuild projects are provided at no cost to the recipients.

The Williamson family was able to view the structure of their new home during a recent visit to God’s Pit Crew headquarters in Danville, Virginia.  The home was framed by Martinsville Speedway staff members during NASCAR’s Fall Impact Day last November.  Before being loaded onto tractor-trailers to be delivered to Mississippi, the framed house had stood in the God’s Pit Crew warehouse since being constructed and was prayed over by countless volunteers and visitors – including Virginia Governor Youngkin and First Lady Suzanne S. Youngkin during their Spirit of Virginia award ceremony to the ministry in November.

God’s Pit Crew President Randy Johnson says that the ministry is grateful for everyone who makes projects like this possible through the outpouring of generosity and support.

“I wouldn’t have ever believed, or known, that my pickup [truck] and a borrowed trailer could ever turn into the miracle that God’s Pit Crew is today,” remarked Johnson on the quarter-century milestone taking place this year.

“Our ministry wouldn’t be able to provide hope for these devastated families if it weren’t for the care and support that is so graciously shown to our group,” remarked Johnson. “Homes like the Williamson’s wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our amazing volunteers, donors, and supporters.”

Along with building this home, God’s Pit Crew’s Immediate Disaster Response team has also recently been deployed in the Texas Panhandle assisting wildfire victims, with a set of crew members assisting tornado victims in Ohio, as well.