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DANVILLE, VA: (03/09/20) Since September 2019, God’s Pit Crew has shipped eight tract0r-trailer loads of essential relief supplies to some of the hardest-hit areas of the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. God’s Pit Crew partnered with Agape Flights to get these supplies to the hurricane victims within 48 hours of the storm.

“I cannot find the words to really express our gratitude for the kindness that you and your team have been showing toward me and my family and my church family as well as hundreds in our communities. You will forever be blessed and highly favored of the Lord. I speak an open Heaven over your life and all that work with you. Eternity will reveal the rewards that you will receive.  Thanks again and may God continue to shower you with His love.” – Pastor Rudolph Roberts, The Whole Man Christian Center, Agape mission partner in Freeport, Bahamas.


DANVILLE, VA: (09/10/19) God’s Pit Crew is sending another tractor-trailer load of essential relief supplies to the Bahamas to help victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Since last week, GPC has sent three tractor-trailer loads containing thousands of Blessing Buckets, numerous generators, and additional relief supplies.

This current shipment will be the fourth tractor-trailer load of relief supplies that GPC has sent to help Hurricane Dorian victims. These supplies will ship from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas by early next week.

“God’s Pit Crew is shipping life-sustaining products into the Bahamas on a daily basis,” said Randy Johnson, GPC’s founder and president.

These supplies are being distributed in areas where many of the evacuees are located, like the Island Eleuthera, and the city of Freeport, one of the largest cities in the Bahamas.

“Thanks to our new partnership with Agape Flights, God’s Pit Crew was able to have the product being distributed within 48 hours after the hurricane,” said Johnson.

According to Johnson, this will be a long-term recovery effort. Donations to the disaster relief fund help make it possible for God’s Pit Crew to deliver hope, healing, and restoration to hurting people in their time of need.

Collection drives this past weekend in Danville and Galax broke GPC records. “Just out of the two locations, GPC collected 64 pallets of water and 34 pallets of mixed Blessing Bucket product,” said Julie Burnett, GPC’s Blessing Bucket program director.

“We can’t thank everyone in our area enough who donated products and supported our disaster relief efforts for the Bahamas,” added Burnett.