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Kentucky Tornado Response

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Dozens of lives lost. Catastrophic damage. God’s Pit Crew is deploying volunteers and tractor-trailer loads of Blessing Buckets and supplies to Mayfield, Kentucky, following devastating tornadoes that hit overnight.   

Our Immediate Response Team deployed on December 13, 2021 and worked for 10 days to help survivors of the storm. Our volunteers and staff helped to cut trees, remove debris, and tarp roofs. Emergency supplies, including water, Gatorade, ice, snacks, tarps, and disinfecting wipes, plus Blessing Buckets filled with food, personal and hygiene items, and a Bible, were also distributed. 

God’s Pit Crew Founder/President Randy Johnson says, “We are heartbroken at the loss of life and the scale of the destruction following these terrible tornadoes. We hurt for those affected and are praying for them. We’re grateful to be able to provide supplies and teams of volunteers to help them and to provide hope in their time of desperate need.”

On January 10, 2022, the Immediate Response Team headed out on its second deployment to Kentucky. They will work for 10 days in Marshall County, Kentucky to help victims of the tornado who are still in desperate need.