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Many Ways to Deliver a Blessing Bucket

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God’s Pit Crew often reports on the truckloads of Blessing Buckets and supplies distributed to disaster areas. But what happens once they reach their destination? Distribution sites are set up to hand out the much-needed buckets and relief supplies. People often line up for miles waiting for their turn to receive the items. However, when a catastrophic storm hits, many people are cut off. They are stranded in their neighborhoods, unable to get out because of the heavy debris that covers the roads. Some are stuck on islands because of heavily damaged bridges, or some have had their vehicles (along with everything else) washed away by a flood. So many are left with only their feet (sometimes bare feet) as their only source of transportation. So, how are they reached?

In times like these, the heart of volunteers to reach everyone really shines. Creativity and determination create something beautiful. Blessing Buckets being loaded on boats to take out to people helplessly cut off on an island. A bicycle handlebar loaded with Blessing Buckets meandering its way into a debris-covered area. Or volunteers loaded up and walking into places where devastating flood waters shut in victims. It’s using a plane to transport Blessing Bucket quickly to a desperate area. It’s the face of God to the hurting ones as they watch the arrival of hope.

It’s all for people like the families who lost everything during Hurricane Ian.



 “After three weeks, most homeowners were still without power. We went throughout the park distributing them and came across a single mother of three who had lost everything. When she saw the bucket, she quickly opened it on the spot and grabbed the flashlight and began to cry as she had no batteries nor a flashlight in the house. She then held up the Bible and said God has truly seen us in our time of need.”

“We were distributing product to a local community when we came across a single father with three kids. The dad was overwhelmed with his destroyed home, and they were living in their vehicle. 

As they were waiting on their supplies, I had the opportunity to pray with him and ask him what he needed. He said he needed to find hope as he was without any.

We prayed with them and gave him the Blessing Bucket, and his response when he was leaving was that he had found hope again, and they were going to make it!”

“We were in the process of doing drive-thru distribution of Blessing Buckets and supplies when a lady with her two girls ran out of gas in the line. She was frustrated and embarrassed because she knew the gas lines were six to eight hours at that point and she was also afraid because the kids hadn’t eaten anything. We gave her a bucket and the whole situation began to change. The kids were so excited about the snacks, and the mom was in need of the first aid kit from a cut she had got that morning. We blessed her with fuel for her car and prayed with her family as she wept happy tears. A Blessing Bucket changed everything!”