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Neighbors Serving Neighbors

By August 27, 2019No Comments

God’s Pit Crew’s distribution program is a bi-monthly product distribution to over 100 non-profit agencies in our region. These agencies have reported to us that they are assisting over 200,000 families each year.

The Cardinal Village Tenants Association in Danville, is just one of God’s Pit Crew’s local product recipients.

“There is no value that can be placed on the many donations provided to the Cardinal Village Community. There is no feeling that can compare to the many, many smiles created through the various programs that these donations have allowed the organization to provide,” said Constance Covington, president of the Tenants Association.

With the bi-weekly donations being large, there wasn’t enough time to use all the products, so this led Constance and the Tenants Association to create many new programs, like parenting classes, spa days, and after-school tutoring sessions, to utilize all the product they were receiving.

“These are just a few uses of the donations. When people need support, God’s Pit Crew is always there to help. We’re both working to serve mankind in whatever capacity needed. Cardinal Village is so blessed and honored to have God’s Pit Crew as a community partner and friend,” said Constance.