Responding to Hurricane Laura

By August 29, 2020No Comments

UPDATE: God’s Pit Crew is deploying a team of volunteers to assist in Hurricane Laura clean-up efforts. The immediate response team deployed from the GPC Distribution Center in Danville on Friday, August 29, heading to Lake Charles, Louisiana, to bring hope, healing, and restoration to hurting people in that area. At this time, locations for product distribution are still being worked out. We will send out updates as needed.

DANVILLE, VA- 08/27/20: With Hurricane Laura making landfall as a category four storm, God’s Pit Crew has already begun making plans to bring hope, healing, and restoration to areas impacted by Laura’s wrath. “This is a huge, impactful storm and we are prepared to respond,” said Randy Johnson, founder and president of God’s Pit Crew. God’s Pit Crew is prepared to ship Blessing Buckets, bottled water, and life-sustaining products. With Hurricane Laura continuing to cause damage as a category two storm, GPC is also making plans to send an Immediate Response team of volunteers to begin removing debris, tarping roofs, and helping clean out damage. “We are loading equipment, trailers, saws, Blessing Buckets and so much more,” said Johnson.

 With financial support, GPC can have the trucks and equipment filled and ready to travel to where the greatest needs are as soon as the storm dissolves. This support also makes it possible to have thousands of Blessing Buckets assembled and ready to be loaded, and other essential relief supplies ready to be distributed to hurting people in need. Visit to learn more about God’s Pit Crew’s response, our mission, and all the ways people can make a difference and get involved.