3 Homes

Shari Howard

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Shari Howard’s day-to-day begins at 4:00 a.m. 

“I get up, get ready, go drive my bus. I stay home just to raise my kids, so bus driving was my job,” said Shari.

Shari heard the weather predictions on the day of the storm, but I took the weather with a grain of salt. 

“You know its 85 degrees in December, a storm is coming.” 

Shari went through her day like normal. Then she went to a friend’s house to watch tv.

“We were sitting there watching tv and then heard a knock on the door. It was my son standing there. He asked me, ‘Well, mom did you hear about your house?’ and it took me back, and I was like, what do you mean my house? And he said, ‘mom, it’s pretty much destroyed.’

Shari’s home and the property were destroyed and had large tree branches down everywhere.

“My friends keep telling me, well at least you weren’t there because if you were, you would have probably gotten killed out there trying to rescue your animals,” said Shari. 

“It is truly gut wrenching to lose everything that you have worked so long and hard for. But, with the Grace of God…’  I’m still here to live another day! “

Like almost every family that finds out they will be the recipient of a new home, Shari was overwhelmed with emotions, disbelief, excitement, and relief. 

“It was really disbelief at first, because I never, ever have good things happen to me! But, when they reassured me it was true, I was totally overwhelmed and so thankful,” said Shari. 

God’s Pit Crew promised that Shari would receive a brand new home free of charge.

“There were people that wanted to help me put my life back to some sort of normal.” 

When the day arrived, Shari had so many emotions as she saw her home for the first time. 

“I was grateful and humbled by the outpouring of LOVE from total strangers, who worked so hard, in 100-plus degree weather, so that I could have a place to call ‘HOME.’ 

Each home is decorated by Terri Johnson, GPC co-founder, and president, to match the personality and styles of each recipient. 

I noticed and loved the attention to detail. Terri brought all of my ideas of a HOME together to make one gorgeous place where I can lay my head again and start the next chapter of my life,” said Shari. 

“Thank you will never be enough for what everyone has done for me! I would like to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all the volunteers that worked so hard, in the August heat, to make this house something special! To the donors and supporters of God’s Pit Crew, God bless you all! You really have no idea how it makes a person feel, when they turn around and see a home, where rubble once stood! It gives us a sense of security again and hope and faith to move forward, day by day, knowing that each day will get a little better! Thank you all! God bless.”