Responding to Multi-State Tornado Outbreak

By April 14, 2020No Comments

DANVILLE, VA- 04/13/20- A series of strong storms and tornadoes that hit late Sunday evening into Monday morning caused widespread damage in several states.

As of Monday morning, God’s Pit Crew is working to respond as needed. A tractor-trailer load of relief supplies was loaded at the GPC distribution center on Monday, which is heading to Cleveland, Tennessee to assist tornado victims. GPC is working with the City of Cleveland, as well as their ministry partner, Operation Compassion, which is based in Cleveland, to distribute these essential relief supplies. A small team of GPC volunteers may also travel to help with debris clean-up efforts as early as tomorrow [Update: 4/14/20 A team of GPC volunteers will be heading to Cleveland to help with storm debris clean-up.]

GPC officials are also working on a plan to deliver a semi-load of Blessing Buckets to The Well Church in Collins, Mississippi, a town that was impacted by tornadoes yesterday as well. GPC Board Member Mike Newcomb, who leads up the Dallas based team of GPC volunteers is working to find out where the greatest needs are and have the Blessing Buckets and a small team of volunteers ready to deploy.

With financial support, GPC is able to have the trucks and equipment filled and ready to travel to where the greatest needs are. This support makes it possible to have thousands of Blessing Buckets assembled and ready to be loaded and distributed to hurting people in need. Visit to learn more about God’s Pit Crew’s response.