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Two New Mobile Homes Provided for Disaster Survivors

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Fields Family – Jenkins, Kentucky

God’s Pit Crew spent several weeks in Eastern Kentucky last August after devastating floods destroyed multiple communities in the area.  The historic flooding last summer swept through 14 counties, killing 45 people and displacing thousands more.

During the catastrophic event, the Fields family watched as their home was washed off its foundation and carried over a nearby hill, finally lodging between the riverbanks as flood waters continued to rush around and through it.

“We were all sitting on the sofa, we kept watching the water, we were very tired,” said Lavern Fields.  “Around 2:00 AM we dozed off, and at 2:30 AM the water was coming into the house.”

That was the moment when Lavern, and her husband, Shelvy’s life would change forever.  Their house and everything they owned was destroyed.  The devastated home remained in shambles for months – hanging over the river that flanked the highway where it once stood – as the region worked to safely clean up all debris spread throughout the region.

The devastated home remained in shambles for months – hanging over the river that flanked the highway where it once stood – as the region worked to safely clean up all the other debris spread throughout the area.

Once finding a new piece of land that was not deemed to be in a flood zone, God’s Pit Crew volunteers and staff began a week’s worth of hard work in Jenkins, Kentucky, placing a new foundation and modular home for the Fields family.  The home was specifically formatted to meet the family’s needs – including the addition of a ramp for easy accessibility into the home – and was given to the family at no cost.

“It’s been a long drag, but the Lord has blessed us,” said Lavern. “He really has.”


Thoms Family – Sulphur Springs, Texas


The summer months brought turmoil across the state of Texas.  Tornadoes ripped through multiple regions leaving behind devastating scenes of homes destroyed and families left without any of their possessions.

God’s Pit Crew sent three tractor-trailer loads of relief supplies to multiple Texas towns following the catastrophic storms.  The first semi-load of product was delivered to Perryton, Texas, the second to Longview, Texas, and the third to Matador, Texas.

Then, a story made its way to God’s Pit Crew of a young couple — getting ready to welcome their first child — who had lost their home to straight line winds in the Sulphur Springs, Texas, area.  Brody and Brooklyn Thoms had just finished renovating their current mobile home in preparation of welcoming their little girl, but the devastating winds came through and ripped the mobile home apart leaving it in shambles strewn across the nearby field.

God’s Pit Crew felt led by the Lord to partner with local churches to provide this growing family with a new mobile home.  “After the storm, I went out into the field and fell on my knees and prayed to God,” told Brody Thoms.  “God, You don’t have to worry about me.  I’m not going to quit on You.  I’m still going to serve You because I thank You for what You’ve already given to me and for what You’re going to do,” prayed Thoms.

On August 9, 2023, Brody, Brooklyn, and little Bryleigh Thoms were welcomed into their new home.

“I have no words accept Praise God,” shared Brody.  “A storm could hit me, and it still wouldn’t make me lose focus on my God.  I knew He would provide for my family when we desperately needed and I cannot thank God’s Pit Crew enough for what you did for my family.”